From the River Publishing announce the arrival, on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes&Nobel and other fine online retailers, of The Jewelled Egg Murders, vol. 5 of Dangerous Journeys.

The Jewelled Egg Murders

A Christmas holiday in Vermont turns deadly for Dr.Anne McPhail whose hopes for a quiet family celebration with Thomas Beauchamp derail when his children reject her, and his mother falls ill.

Anne flees to her friend Catherine’s B&B for comfort and a place to stay, but when she goes for a walk in the snow to the town square, she stumbles across a body in her friend Erin’s antique store. A few hours later, Erin disappears.

Is Erin a suspect or a victim? While Anne joins the search, an old adversary, plotting revenge, arrives from Europe.  Anne stumbles over another body, and then the killer closes in on her. 

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To Press: The Jewelled Egg Murders

Done! The Jewelled Egg Murders, book 5 of Dangerous Journeys available for pre-order on Amazon and many other e-stores through Smashwords. Smashwords is an aggregator that sends the book out to Kobo, iBooks, Barnes &Nobel and many other sellers.

The editing process included an Autocrit Review, a Grammarly review, Word spell check, a Quality Mark review at Books Go Social where The Jewelled Egg Murders achieved a Gold Mark after another Autocrit review and a human perusal of the manuscript.




On to marketing. Amazon and Smashwords both have a pre-order function, so the book is now online and can be purchased ahead of the release date of December 1.

I’m waiting for the paperback version to arrive from Create Space. The online review copy seems to be fine, but one never knows what errors might have occurred in the printing. Release date also Dec. 1.

I decided against Kindle Select for the launch as some of the marketing I want to do isn’t compatible with Kindle Select rules. I plan to enrol in 2018, likely in January.

What’s next:

I’m working on a collection of the short stories that I have written over the years. Some are published, some not. Several of them are Anne McPhail adventures, including Homicide in Haliburton.

That’s it for an overcast morning in the Kawarthas.




The Devil’s Brigade

The Child on the Terrace, the latest in my Dangerous Journeys series, takes Anne McPhail across Spain to Barcelona, into France and along the Mediterranean to Menton, a small town on the Franco-Italian border, where she and the child are in grave danger.

Menton has a storied past:

During WWII, the Germans occupied Menton until the onset of Operation Dragoon in 1944.

The Devil’s Brigade, a joint US-Canada Special Forces Unit, was established in 1942 by U.S. Lieutenant-Colonel Robert T. Frederick. The Brigade fought in the Italian campaign and the liberation of Southern France, among others.  A stealth unit, it never failed to achieve its objective.

Since the war it has been the model for special forces around the world. In Afghanistan, the Canadian J2F2 was reunited with the American Delta Force for the 2001 invasion.

Every year, Menton Week is celebrated on or about the anniversary of the unit being disbanded at Menton on Dec. 5, 1944.


I’m in the midst of the final proofreading of The Child on the Terrace, soon to be published by Cambridge Books.