My Storefront

Yesterday, I listened to a webinar produced by Kathy Meis of Bublish about Ingram’s bookstore initiative, Aerio. An exciting concept that allows an author, or anyone else to set up a bookstore with access to the millions of books in Ingram’s catalogues. No cost to set up although there are some subscriptions available that might be useful down the road.

I spent the afternoon setting mine up and uploading one of my books(print and ebook) as well as a collection of books that I have enjoyed in the past. Most of these are in themystery/suspense genre, although I’ll add others soon.

On the whole, an easy set-up with only one minor glitch.

When I’ve finished re-editing my books, I’ll move the titles over from Create Space to Ingram and add those(print only). Most of my books are in Kindle Select so will remain with Amazon.

Black Willow Books is live on this page.

I’ve been busy over the last few months marketing Painting of Sorrow and reediting the other books. Murderous Roots is almost done and it’s the last.

I’m also plotting a sequel to The Jewelled Egg Murders and one to Painting of Sorrow as well.

I have a request. If any of you have read Painting of Sorrow and not yet reviewed it, please do. Stars and a brief review on will go a long way in helping me with marketing. This is also true for any other indie author. Getting the word out is the toughest job.

If you want to know what I’m up to without waiting for it to appear in a blog, sign up for my reading group. The pop-up and an offer of a free short story will appear with the page.

You might remember that we have a new puppy, A black Standard Poodle, Cully, now almost 8 months old. Here she is a week or so ago.


That’s about it for today.