Just an old boys appointment

Critics blast ‘dead-of-night’ rights appointment – The Globe and Mail.

I don’t know enough about Mr. Latulippe to know if he is going to destroy Rights and Democracy, as Mr. Ignatieff is quoted as saying; however, it doesn’t look all that good. Three senior managers fired, a late night appointment, a disregard for the controversial nature of the appointee who apparently has strong opinions on the immigration of people who are Muslim, buddy of the responsible Minister: all make for very bad “optics”. Perhaps the throne speech and the controversy over the lyrics to O’Canada were supposed to overshadow this item. I didn’t know much about the agency, but there is a very good website.

About the lyrics, I have been listening to “all thy sons command” all my life. Recently I and many others have been singing “all of us command.” Anyone have a problem with that? I understand the lyrics were changed at the time of the first world war as part of a recruiting drive. Along with the income tax, we were stuck with them.
But changing them should not be a major focus of this parliament. We are at war; we have just started to come out of economic turbulence; we have a huge deficit, uncushioned by the savings that Paul Martin had set aside for just such an eventuality( the Harper government spent them to buy our votes ie lowering the taxes).