Photographic Gem

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know.

The Digital Photography School is a terrific resource for photographers, especially those like me who are making the switch from SLR to DSLR. The link above will take you to answers to the many questions I had, everything from white balance to cleaning.

Thanks to Darren Rouse for all the tips and article and links.

It’s been a hectic month with visitors from Florida to Paris to Elora in Ontario. The new year promises to be quieter, except for a visit to the surgeon for a colonoscopy(preventative maintenance).

I have 20,000 words of the new book and hope to finish by Easter.

Happy New Year and best wishes for health and well-being in 2011.

My new camera

My new CanonT1i is becoming less of a mystery to me. A reader suggested that I get the Magic Lantern Guide, and that has been very helpful  in getting started. This camera is called an entry level. I think it is going to take me several years to learn all its possibilities.

I’ve found a very useful and entertaining website – The forums and articles are full of practical advice that even a novice can appreciate. Check it out for reviews of new equipement, tips and tutorials.

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