My new e-book: The Facepainter Murders

My new book has been online at and at, but the cover art hasn’t migrated to the initial listing. I thought I would post it here, along with a brief synopsis.

The Facepainter Murders

Anne McPhail, doctor and genealogist, is back visiting friends in Culver’s Mills, Vermont. She finds a murdered, naked man in the lane behind her friend’s home. The corpse is identified as an art thief from Montreal, who has stolen works from the local gallery.

Anne researches the ownership of the paintings back to painter Zedekiah Belknap, a facepainter or itinerant artist of the early nineteenth century, and forward to the actual owner of today.

Someone has killed the thief, and then others in his criminal gang, finally turning his attention to Anne.  She escapes the attempts on her life, discovers the identity of the murderer, and the secrets of the painting he has stolen.