Health Care

The Americans have finally passed a health care bill. Two important provisions: No one can be denied health care for a pre-existing condition; no one is dependent on keeping a particular job in order to keep health care.
No doubt the big insurers are worried about having to take on all these sick people. They certainly can cut into the profit margin.
Up to now, the US has been unique amongst developed nations in not providing health insurance for all its citizens. I hope the people in the middle class, the ones who formed the millions without health care, remember on voting day in November who it was that wanted to condemn them to bankruptcy in the face of catastrophic or long term chronic illness.
The saddest sign I saw at the protests to the bill was held by an elderly woman. “Hands off our Medicare” it read. Spreading fear amongst the vulnerable is a deplorable political tactic, not unique to those south of the border.
Our current government is “getting tough on youth crime” at a time when youth crime is falling. They want to be able to send 14 year olds to adult prisons. I think they’ve never actually talked to a teenager, or raised a child to adulthood.