Another silver lining for the Icelandic Volcano problem

BBC News – Transport firms hoping to turn ash into cash.

Yet another group which has seen its fortunes improve as a result of the volcano. Ferries in several European ports are reporting increased usage from travellers, who, forced into this alternative transport by the ash, are now discovering the superior service and comfort compared to budget airlines.

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However, I’m also trying out the Kobo ebook reader, which just arrived. So far – light, easy to use, not as options as I would like, but  I’m enjoying the experience.

Iceland volcano dormant?

Flight chaos volcano stops spewing ash –

CNN reports that the volcano has stopped producing ash, and is now releasing only steam. Its temperature has dropped to 100 degrees C.

However, the BBC quotes an expert on the volcano as saying that in the last eruption, in 1821-1823, the starting and stopping went on for 13 months. As well there are still earthquakes under the volcano and activity has not reduced to pre-eruption levels.

Hopefully this fitful behaviour quiets and air travel returns to its previous, fairly reliable state.