Iran elected to the UN Commission on the status of Women

Canada ‘deplores’ Iran’s appointment to UN women’s rights panel.

I missed this report in May but noticed a reference to it in an article about Sakineh. The leader of Iran likes to go to the United Nations and give his demented speeches. Iran is a country, and I suppose its leader has a right to go to the UN, but for the Assembly to elect Iran, a country in which women are no more than chattels and in which they are subjugated to torture, lashing and stoning, is reprehensible. Our government has spoken out against this travesty. I hope our representative holds Iran accountable at every available opportunity.

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The Globe and Mail reports this am that the stoning of Sakineh may go forward. This was according to the head the Judiciary in Tabriz. As well, a so-called human rights commissioner  “Mohammad Javad Larijani, the head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, lashed out against the international campaign to spare Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani, while pointing out that stoning is rarely used.”

Further we are told that the regime has to hire rentathugs to carry out these appalling sentences. Only countries that treat their women as equal partners in the world can move into the 21st century, in my view. All others are mired in the superstition and brutality of the past.Women of Iran are increasingly educated to university level and make up a high proportion of graduates.How long must they be kept subjugated and treated as male possessions? to sign the petition

Free Sakineh, Cont.

Campaign to stop Iranian’s execution grows – The Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail reports this am that Canadian diplomats in Iran were unable to confirm that the death by stoning sentence has been commuted. The more voices the better, calling for an end to this barbarism. The petition can be found at the link below.