No survivors in Quebec sinkhole

No survivors in Quebec slide – The Globe and Mail.

The ancient ice age has taken its modern victims. Only the family’s golden retriever, tied outside to a tree, survived.

The article linked above describes the land left behind when  the inland Champlain Sea receded,  and how the clay shifted, creating the sinkhole. The clay itself is  well described in a Wikipedia  article. The link follows.

The Champlain Sea extended to the Upper Ottawa Valley. A map is available here:

Minor earth tremors, human drilling, and excessive rain and snow, are among the factors that can change the quality of the clay in an instant. I grew up in the Ottawa Valley, not knowing the land below could be so treacherous.


CBC News – Montreal – 4 missing after Quebec sinkhole hits home.

Dreadful news out of Quebec this morning. A huge sinkhole in the small town of St. Jude, Quebec, has swallowed up a home with a family asleep in side. Two adults and two children are believed to be inside. The following link has excellent pictures of sinkholes in various parts of the world and information regarding their formation.

Other links are found here:

The town is called St. Jude, after the patron saint of  the hopeless. Let’s hope his help isn’t needed.