Raped, pregnant and condemned.

CBC News – Montreal – PQ leader ‘outraged’ at cardinal’s rape remark.

A celibate priest with a singular lack of imagination and empathy thinks its quite necessary for a woman to carry to term and deliver the progeny of ┬áher rapist. At least one commentator on the story seems to think this is quite a rare event, apparently not having heard that rape is a weapon of warfare in the battle zones of the world. Nor do either of them consider that rape in marriage is not a rare event. These men not understand that she must relive the event every day that she carries that fetus, that she may develop significant disease, be rendered sterile, and finally see the rapist’s face reflected in her newborn. Then what? Is she stare at that same face at her breast for twelve more months?

The mother’s health, mental, emotional, social mean nothing to these people. It would seem that in their minds she is only a host to a more valuable potential creature. I have never understood why the life of a living breathing sentient human being is less valuable than the embryo she carries.

The Cardinal deliver’s his message at anti-abortion rallies on Parliament Hill attended by thousand , and twenty or so M.P.’s. All of them were men, except Conservative MP Kelly Bock. Three of them, to their shame , were Liberals. No New Democrats, no Parti Quebecois, and no cabinet ministers.

All men but one. I think they want their power back. I don’t think we should let them take it.