The government says only the elite object to their ant-democratic action. Elite is code word for educated, I think, coming as the comment did on the heels of a statement by 100 professors against the prorogue. So let’s do the math. In 2007, university completion rates for those 24 to 64 was 24.6%. Almost 51% of the population had post-secondary qualifications, trade, college or university. The percentage of people who objected strongly to the Conservative action was 58%. So, does that mean that only uneducated people support the Conservative action? Or is there a strong objection in all segments of the population.
I think the Canadian people know when their leaders don’t respect them, and I think that is what is happening now. Elite, indeed. It doesn’t take a university degree to understand when a leader is hiding from the people paid to question him and his policies. The people will hold him to account as they did Brian Mulroney.