Was Dr. Johnson right?

So here’s the thing. No one but a blockhead ever wrote except for money-Samuel Johnson. Is that true? Or do people write because their creativity is driving them, or because it’s a convenient hobby, or to exorcise their demons?

So I’m writing. Currently, the third book in a series about a doctor/genealogist who keeps finding corpses. Waiting patiently for me to return to it, is another, with a different protagonist. They’re on my mind, walking around with me, intruding on whatever else I want to do.

And I’m blogging, and a few people are reading.

And I’m trying to learn marketing in this electronic age – Facebook, and Twitter and finding groups to join and other writers to talk to.

When I started I just wanted to see if I could. Next,  I wanted to see if anyone would publish what I’d written. And now, well, I don’t think I’m a blockhead but so far very little money.

I’m still writing, so either I am a blockhead, or  it fills some other need, or answers some other call. I don’t know yet, but I still have stories to tell, so writing it will have to be, money or no. Oh,and yes, I want readers. No point in putting down in words except to communicate.