The shattered homes, the broken lives, the deaths, all of it seen through the eyes of CNN or CBC, all of it, because of the media, through no fault of its own, seeming more like a movie than reality. Ot at least it did until the pictures and interviews from the destroyed neighbourhoods, where one woman, whose home was inundated, whose son who lived in her basement lost everything, talked about her neighbours on the streets to the south being so much worse off than she was. Two small children found today, I understand. The water ripped them from their mother’s arms. A heart-wrenching tragedy among so many.

I heard today that the Hydro crews from Ontario and Quebec and the Maritimes were arriving in the areas without power. A brotherhood seems to prevail amongst the electrical workers, the firemen who fight the forest fires, the carpenters who rebuild the homes. I’m glad the workers went south. The Americans are generous in other people’s disaster. Time to help them out.

I hope the Americans elect a man with a heart on Tuesday, not the man whose only interest is in the bottom line