Spring and Seed Starting

We’re past the 16th of March now, and it’s time to start the slowest germinating seeds, especially those that will need two years in pots. I ordered seeds from http://www.summerhillseeds.com as I wanted especially to start vines such as cobaea (cathedral bells or cup and saucer vine. I resurrected my equipment–a 2 light grow light, and a rescued kitchen cabinet with countertop –, some seeds at least 10 years out of date and bought some fresh peat plugs in a mini-greenhouse. I want to see if the seeds from so long ago will germinated. They have been stored at a constant 70 degreesF and dry.

Black-eyed Susan vine, alyssum saxitale, and  veronica schmidtiana were the older varieties.

This weekend I will start two clematis, a Koreanna Fragrans and  a Macropetalea. Both of these will require a period of simulated winter in the fridge.

Damping-off is often a problem with seed-starting, so I used some left-over NoDamp-Off, although as there have been no plants in the area for years, and my equipment and hands were clean, I didn’t expect a problem. It’s heartbreaking to see all the tiny plants hanging their heads when the fungus hits.

I’ll record the results in a few weeks.