Guarding the coasts-followup

CBC News – Canada – Order to cut navy’s coastal vessels rescinded.

One day later, and they have resided the order to mothball the ships. A person can’t keep up with the changes in policy in this government. The overnight polls must have been bad, or they started getting calls form their “base”.  No mention of where the money is coming from or what they plan to cut instead.

Guarding the coasts

CBC News – Nova Scotia – Canada’s navy cuts coast patrol fleet in half.

The Canadian navy has a long, proud history. At present it is celebrating 100 years of guarding our coasts and fighting our wars. On May 4th, it presented a ship’s bell to the people of Canada, a symbol of it’s dedication in the past and for the future.

The CBC reports that on May 13, the navy announced the mothballing of ship due to budgetary constraints, leaving 3 ships on each coast. Later in the article the Minister responsible says the navy  has more money than ever before in it’s history. The article quotes figures that reveal that the amount of the budget – 1.97 billion, is down from 2.1 billion last year with more cuts to come.

It would seem that the Conservative government thinks, again, that we can’t count. The navy is getting 200 million more in it’s budget, the Minister says. 2.1 billion minus 1.97 billion -do the math. Maybe it’s Minister MacKay who can’t count.