Saving Sakineh

Iran’s Sakineh Be Stoned Possibly Today: Despite Total Lack of Evidence :: Hudson New York.

The article above states the belief that the death sentence for Sakineh may have taken place as early as yesterday. Nothing in the press today to confirm that outcome. The writer believes that the execution of Sakineh and all the others jailed and condemned to stoning may happen quickly to decrease the bad press Iran is receiving. I think the even if Sakineh is not saved, the international campaign must continue, to prevent this happening to all the others in the same situation in Iran. Please sign the petition at


The Globe and Mail reports this am that the stoning of Sakineh may go forward. This was according to the head the Judiciary in Tabriz. As well, a so-called human rights commissioner  “Mohammad Javad Larijani, the head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights, lashed out against the international campaign to spare Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani, while pointing out that stoning is rarely used.”

Further we are told that the regime has to hire rentathugs to carry out these appalling sentences. Only countries that treat their women as equal partners in the world can move into the 21st century, in my view. All others are mired in the superstition and brutality of the past.Women of Iran are increasingly educated to university level and make up a high proportion of graduates.How long must they be kept subjugated and treated as male possessions? to sign the petition

Free Sakineh, Cont.

Campaign to stop Iranian’s execution grows – The Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail reports this am that Canadian diplomats in Iran were unable to confirm that the death by stoning sentence has been commuted. The more voices the better, calling for an end to this barbarism. The petition can be found at the link below.

Free Sakineh

Reports this morning tell us that the Iranian judiciary have commuted the death by stoning of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani to death by some other means. Prior to this she endured 99 lashes and torture to extract a confession which she has recanted. Stoning takes at least 10 minutes as the stones are supposed to be fist sized and not thrown hard enough to kill right away. At the same time, buried up to her neck in sand, the woman cannot breathe.

It is impossible to feel enough outrage towards this barbarism. It is possible to take one small step towards adding voices to the calls for her release. Heather Reisman and others have instituted a petition that is credited with preventing the stoning. but Sakineh will still die, now having her neck broken or her life squeezed from her by the hangman’s rope. Perhaps they have learned how to make that process lengthy as well. The link to the petition follows: