On February 24th, I wrote that the Own the Podium backers might be disappointed by the medal count. Exultant must be the way they feel now.
Last night a non-CTV channel was running that ad about the boy trying to get enough money for hockey by applying for a part-time job. In my practice I see kids like that, whose parents are on welfare, or single parents, or single-earner families who can’t begin to afford the expense of enrolling them in sports. Some of the lucky ones are in Tim Horton’s programmes.
I recall one unhappy boy in foster care, who got a new family when he was twelve. He couldn’t skate, but now he’s playing hockey, and happier than I’ve ever seen him. Most of that change comes from the support of his foster family, but not a little from being able to play a sport he loves. He and his family are gold medal winners in my book. The money that supports him comes from the Children’s Aid Society. When you are thinking of donations, remember the kids in care. They are ours, through the Crown, our responsibility.
Soccer is the game that matters to many of the kids. Doesn’t cost too much, lots of fun, aerobic, and outside. Summer Olympics are coming. Let’s see some support for the budding summer athletes.