New Year Goals

Do you set New Year goals? I fight against it but somehow they sneak in suggesting I continue learning Italian, or take my photography to a level beyond snapshots, or redo parts of the garden in the spring which of course requires planning now. ¬†What about the books I received for Christmas: Richard Ford’s Canada and Ross King’s Leonardo and the Last Supper, among others?
And what about my new book, not the one just published, No Motive for Murder, but the one I’ve been working on this winter. I’m excited about being close to the end of the first draft. It’s not in my usual genre, not in my Dangerous Journeys series, and I hope will be my best.

I’ve been asked to speak to the Canadian Club, here in Lindsay, so polishing my talk is on the New Year agenda as well.

So in spite of resolving not to make New Year’s resolutions, I seem to have made them after all.