Wealthy people don’t savour the little things in life – The Globe and Mail

Wealthy people don’t savour the little things in life – The Globe and Mail.
This article reports on a two part study which is to appear in Psychological Science. This is the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science, so the articles are, I presume, peer reviewed. I was left with questions such as how to measure awe, or joy. These are some of the emotions they claim are reduced in those who have money, or think about money(not necessarily the same people). The second part of the study had observers decide how much an individual was savouring a piece of chocolate by how long it took the individual to devour it, and how much the person appeared to enjoy it; this after seeing a picture of money. Somehow it doesn’t sound very scientific to me, but someone gave them a grant to discover, I suppose, whether money can buy happiness.
The Own the Podium people certainly seem to think that money can buy medals. For a country with a base of thirty million or so people, competing against countries with three hundred million, I think the Canadian athletes are doing very well. They needed better training facilities and better coaches and a great many other things that I have no knowledge about, in order to improve and compete. And they are! However, training and coaching can only go so far. It comes down to muscle length and strength and talent and drive and genetics. These are not for sale.
Some countries identify children as potential athletes, almost in the cradle and train them all their young lives. Even this is no guarantee of success on the day, in the five seconds or five minutes or five hours it takes for an event.
It can’t be predicted on a spreadsheet. The mysterious backers who donated to the effort may be disappointed in the return on their investment, if they only count the medals. Perhaps they are the individuals the psychologists should study.

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