Iceland Volcano- not all bad?

Iceland volcano to provide jobs for unemployed | IceNews – Daily News.

Like many other people, I’m concerned that the volcano in Iceland is on a years-long venting spree, that will affect our up-coming holiday in Spain. But this volcano isn’t all bad. The first link above talks about a programme in Iceland that will provide jobs for unemployed farmers and those with agricultural experience. The jobs are to help the sheep farmers in the lambing season who are struggling with the ash. There’s talk of extending the aid to the dairy farmers as well. 40 jobs, not to be sneezed at in a small country.

The insurance industry, at least Aviva, also alert to the chance of making money from misfortune, is offering a trip cancellation rider to protect against loss due to the volcano. The second link takes you to Guardian(U.K.) story about it. Aviva is the fifth largest insurance company in the world.

This of course doesn’t include the initial windfall made by gouging hotels and other hostelries. By now, I imagine, business has fallen off in the affected areas.

Always a silver lining, I suppose, if you look hard enough.

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