Historical Census

Understanding the Nineteenth-Century Census: historical background to the census.

The article above gives an interesting history of the development of the census in Britain, late by European standards. Even at the beginning, there were concerns that the other sources of information such as church records left out segments of the population not involved with the organized Christian religions, who would be counted in church records. Here of course the concern is that many groups, including those living in poverty, or newly immigrant will not be included.

The wealth of information available in the more than 200 years of census-taking has allowed historical studies, not otherwise possible. I fail to understand why any government wouldn’t want an an accurate census, to compare with prior years. Without it, they will be making decisions based on facts not in evidence, much, I suppose, like the unreported crimes that so alarm Mr. Day.

Mr. Day claims that there is an alarming increase in unreported crime, which he says is evidence for the need for more prisons. How he is going to put the perpetrators of these unreported crimes, who will not be charged, or brought to court, in prison, he has not explained. I notice he used census data as the source for his statistic on unreported crime.

2 thoughts on “Historical Census

  1. It seems to be the opinion of a lot of people that Mr. Harper is trying to end the long form census all by himself. I do not believe he is smart enough or brave enough to venture along this slippery path all by himself. I believe there is a larger entity at play here. There is a lobby here to end the census, I’m not really sure why; but i’m sur our Prime Minister didn’t wake up one morning and say lets scrap this. Think about it he’s only a figure head.

    • I don’t think he’s a figurehead. the PM of this country has vast personal power, which of course he can lose overnight with a vote. I don’t know either why they wanted to bring all this trouble.

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