Contempt of Parliament

Conservatives flood contempt hearings with phalanx of bureaucrats – The Globe and Mail.

According to the Globe and Mail this morning, the committee to look into the contempt of parliament charges against the government, will be faced not only with the two Ministers who are supposed to answer questions, but also 10 senior bureaucrats. And all of this is to take one hour.

First of all, who sets these time limits. If questions have to be asked and answered, set aside enough time to do it properly. It takes these people, politicians and bureaucrats alike, an hour just to say good morning. They know that.

Secondly, why all the top cops at the meeting. Well, cops and spooks, and spies. The head of CSIS, CBS, Correctional Services, and some second tier guys from Justice, and the RCMP.

Do they expect to release information to overwhelm the committee, which is looking into the lack of transparency and the true cost of the government’s law and order bill? Don’t the Ministers know the answers to the questions? It’s their file, after all, their “look at us, we’re keeping you safe” plan to win the next election. Do they need help with the details at this late stage? The budget is coming down next week.

It looks to me like yet another government attempt to keep the truth hidden. What a bunch.

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