Let’s see. Last April we had the Maternal Health plan for the third world that didn’t include abortion. Harper is ant-choice.

In May it was the navy. The minister concerned–Mackay– says the navy has more money than ever before, but the actual amount, 1.97 billion, was down from 2.1 billion the year before.

In June, it was the G20. Remember, Harper’s fake lake, then the police response with people “kettled” in the streets of Toronto, in a violent thunderstorm, with no way out for hours. All part of the law and order agenda.

In July, the long form census, in which a senior civil servant had to resign because he couldn’t sign off on the statistical nonsense that is a voluntary, truncated census.

In August,

Last year, as revealed by The Canadian Press, Prime Minister Stephen Harper lunched in New York with Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, and Rupert Murdoch, who owns it. Kory Teneycke, Mr. Harper’s former spokesman, was also present at the unannounced event.

Mr. Teneycke later became the point man for Quebecor’s Pierre Karl Péladeau in his effort to create a right-wing television network modelled along the lines of Fox News. The new network is a high priority for Mr. Harper, for whom controlling the message has always been – witness his government vetting program – of paramount importance.

In September, I was involved in my vacation to Spain, which included a vacation from Canadian politics.

By January, Harper was “musing” on the death penalty. He wants more and bigger prisons as well. At the same time, American conservative and former more prisons cheerleader, started going around the continent telling people that recidivism is not reduced, rehabilitation fails, with an expanded system. The crime rate is dropping but the conservative base is fearful. They should be fearful of putting more young people into the finishing schools for criminals that our prisons have become.

In February, Minister Oda got caught in another lie, changing documents to make it seem that the civil service supported her position to deny funding to a charity that  it for thirty-odd years. Did she do that on her own? Not a chance with Harper the micro-manager at the helm.

In March, we learned that it wasn’t the Government of Canada any more, but Harper’s Government. And that government was found in contempt of Parliament. He’s been contemptuous of Parliament from the beginning. It’s time for a change.

And all of this was done while he was in a minority position. What if he had a majority? Not with my vote and I’m one of those 60 plus women voters they’re trying so hard to recruit.

One thought on “Election

  1. I agree with all of the above . hey we have be lied to continually by this government. I usually vote for the man in the election, but not this time. This party was proved to be in contempt of parliment{ Harpers attitude is contempt for the opposition} the only time in the history of Canada that this has happened.This should tell you something about this party and also how they recieved the news. One they statyed it was just a ploy of the opposition, but the fact is they were sited by the speaker of the house, who we all know is nonpartisan, the opposition just verified his judgement. This Government owes the people of Canada an appology. So come on you voters, believe his attack ads, things that are taken completely out of context, to make theopposition look bad. Harper thinks we are stupid and gullible and will fall for USA style attack ads. Well are we stupid and gullible? Only time will tell! I also believe Elizabeth May when she said, if you don’t vote, you are not protesting, you are saying nothing.

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