Thorium and Nuclear Power  

The link above will take you to the Daily Telegraph, U.K. story about thorium.

Neil Reynolds writing in the Globe and Mail this morning updated the story with the news from China that its first thorium-fuelled reactors would come on line in 2015.

According to these two reporters, Canada followed the American lead and continued to use uranium rather than thorium because it produces plutonium and therefore bombs!

So for years we have been paying higher and higher energy costs, with more and more pollution from coal-fired plants when a cheap, relatively harmless form of nuclear energy was readily available. Thorium-fuelled Candu reactors won’t explode(no hydrogen), don’t produce dangerous side-products(plutonium), and are cheaper to run because the world is abundantly supplied with the stuff. Oh and it can feed on plutonium waste.

Are there problems?

Not so many as far as I could find out. The group Physicians for Social Responsibility published a “fact sheet” that seemed to be more opinion than fact. In any event we will all know fairly soon with China and India leading the way.

I want to know why no one at the political level is talking about this.

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