Marketing for writers, cont. 

This link takes you to a Globe and Mail article this morning about publishing and marketing. The writer interviews Martin Crosbie, author of  My Temporary Life, an e-book, self-published megahit. He offers 10 pieces of advice here.

Number 4 talks about that promotional tool peculiar to the e-publishing industry, the freebie, or how to make money by giving goods away. He says the rule-of-thumb is: for every one you give away, you make one sale, so lots of freebies equals lots of sales, and moves you up on the Amazon ranking, which also means more sales.

Number 3 discusses the self-publishing programme at Kindle, and especially its lending programme, something new to me. When did Amazon become a library of sorts?

Beverly Akerman, author of the article and of  The Meaning of Children, listed in the top ten for the Giller People’s Choice award, chose to keep her electronic rights and  self-publish the e-book version on Kindle.

My latest novel, No Motive for Murder, the third in the Dangerous Journeys series, is at the publisher. Marketing is now a huge part of the author’s responsibility, although I’m fortunate that Write Words Inc. handles all the nuts and bolts of production and distribution. Coming from a profession in which the clients found me(Pediatrics), I’m struggling to learn this marketing business.

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