Writing contests

I entered the New Kindle Book Review contest today. My last book, The Facepainter Murders, made it to the semi-finals last year, and I have hope for No Motive for Murder, this time around.

Some years ago writer Louise Penny suggested entering contests as a way to jump-start a career. I took her advice and have entered quite a few, achieving success in the first one entered, at Wynterblue Publishing in North Bay. I have continued to enter, both to add new achievements to my cv, but also for the increase in confidence that comes from the praise that so often accompanies the awards.

My most recent success was coming first in the September contest of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly, published in London, England. Its first prize is 150 pounds sterling and publication in the April edition. The judge’s comments were gratifying.  I have included them below.


The Decision

Beautifully written, technically assured, The Decision tells a painful story in language that is sharp, precise, pared to the bone.  Not a word is wasted here, every sentence, phrase and word playing its part in the achievement of an artfully achieved whole.  This is one of those stories you know will haunt you.  A very worthy winner.

Very encouraging, indeed.

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