New Title Poll Results

The results of the poll for a title for my Dangerous Journeys sequel are a dead heat between Eighteen Days and The Child on the Terrace. Just to remind you:

Anne McPhail, doctor and genealogist vacationing in the Spanish village of Setenil, risks her life to save a child. An arms cartel kidnapped Naomi to pressure her grandfather, an Israeli cabinet minister, into voting to extend the settlements. The cartel’s goal: to foment war and increase the sales of its arms to both sides.
The story begins 16 days before the vote and 18 days until Anne leaves Spain.

Vote below for your choice!



2 thoughts on “New Title Poll Results

  1. The new theme is called Hemingway Rewritten by Anders Noren. The photo is his. The theme can be customized so at some point I may change it up again but I love the picture. It reminds me of the Ottawa Valley.
    Thanks for helping me choose a title. I’m still editing…

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