Retiring, and waiting.

This is the end of the first full week of retirement for me. The office is closed and we are on our own. I think its the silence that will bother me, until I develop some activities that take me outside the house. Every day was filled with talk — talking to the staff, talking to the parents, talking to other doctors, but especially talking to the children. I miss the children.

Writing is a solitary occupation. In the past, I wrote in the corners of my life. Now writing can take as much time as it needs and some days, it doesn’t need very much. One book about writing suggested that if the muse fails, do something else “writerly” ie: blogging, reading marketing articles, research for the next book. I’ve done that, but still there is that silence. Maybe the CBC.

I’m waiting for the final publication of Murderous Roots,( http// )the print on demand version. The proofs are in; the publisher told me they have gone to press, but I have no idea how long this process takes. The print version comes under a different imprint at the same website – Cambridge Books.

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