Retiring, cont.

We’ve been shutting down the office this past week. The charts are almost ready to go. We have about 50 more bankers boxes worth of charts to load and label and we’ll be done with that phase.
Getting rid of more than 30 years accumulation of furniture, office supplies, books, financial records, etc. comes next. The rules are clear: keep 7 years worth of financial records; shred the rest. 7 years of bills, cheques, bank statements (84) income tax records, the list goes on.
We’re lucky in having a large basement storage area, but even that is getting full. What do others do? Renting a storage locker, I suppose, would be the only solution.
All of this sorting and saving and storing, all of it is done in case someone else needs the information. And all of it costs money. And none of it, as far as I know, is deductible against retirement income.

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